Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to Blogging. I think.

What's funny about c*ns*rsh*p is how it becomes automatic and internal over time. Whenever I leave China I engage in rabid facebooking, but I rarely look at youtube, twitter, and blogs. I have gotten out of the habit. 

While here, I could invest in a VPN like so many others, but I am too cheap to do it. And I'm so busy with the kids that blog-reading and youtubing were only activities I did in my few minutes of spare time, here and there, so when I found I could no longer do those, I didn't have much time to make a sustained effort to find work-arounds. And by the time I did have time to make an effort, I had already weaned myself of my old habits. I no longer need the Great Firewall, I am my own censor. How sad. 

Anyway, I've decided to try to get back into blogging, by e-mailing my posts in. We'll see how that goes. I won't be able to look at my own posts, and I can't moderate comments from here so you're comments won't show up until I leave the country again. But keep the comments coming. Some feedback from readers has encouraged me to start up again, though the blogging will be fitful at first! 

(the asterisks are just in case... paranoia has also made me less than an active blogger)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

this is a test Seeing if I can email a post.

What if there's boldface?




random other text

blah blah blah

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Curious words

I'm making a mental list of words whose origins I want to know. The first two:

1. "18번": This is your go-to song for karaoke, the one you know you can sing really well. Why "number 18"?

2. 아이스케키: Lifting a girl's skirt so her underwear shows. Sounds like "ice-cake" to my English ears. I heard this word for the first time when some friends were reminiscing about their elementary school days.

Yes, this is a short blog considering how long it's been. Baby steps.