Sunday, December 12, 2010

Guest Blogger: Max

Been neglecting the blog again, as I try to get my fill of Shanghai before we leave. So I'll turn things over to the words of our budding writer Max.

Max has been wanting to write since before he actually could. He used to spend long periods of time hunched over his notebook, drawing squiggy lines that met his perfectionistic standards. He'd then tear out the piece of paper, hand it to me, and very seriously inform me that "This is Blah Blah Blah Language. You have to take this and study it. Then I will test you tomorrow. If you get them all right I will give you one piece of candy." 

I guess this is what I sound like?

Now that he can actually write he leaves me amusing little notes like this one:

Dear Mommy,
     You do not have a house and you do not have a sword for fighting bad guys. 
Love, Max

I'm pretty sure I don't sound like that.

Anyway, today I give you, for your reading pleasure, a story he wrote in his handwriting notebook at school. I copied it the way he wrote it, so you have to decipher his spellings.


Farfar away in the galaxy ther was a young gediy Calld anykin. anykin was youg but he was schrong wen he dfeds a person he Winks and one time he fannd a chick and the chick had one leg brokin so he fixit one person's chin brok so h fixit when he winks his mauth tacks I think wen my brother gros up he's gowing to go to the Sink and wash Dishis.

By Max Chang 

And if you don't like it, in Max's words, "You want to Bisa me?" [You want a piece of me?"]

Real blogging to follow soon.