Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stories to embarass Aiden when he's older...#3

Little boys like to keep a handle on their penises at all times. I guess it is a nice thing to hold on to, much like I twirl my hair when nervous or bored. My friend Albertine always said playing with one’s hair was a form of masturbation.

Anyway. One day we were all eating breakfast, KC and I were talking about something or other, and Aiden was sitting quietly, one hand gripping his spoon and the other playing with himself through his underwear.

Suddenly, Aiden said, alarmed, “Daddy! There’s SOMETHING HERE!”

KC was cool. I would have laughed. He calmly explained that what he was feeling was completely natural, and look! Here's another one. "These are your balls. Can you say balls?"

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