Thursday, June 29, 2006


Thanks to all of you who have sent me e-mail and told me you're reading this... everyone needs an audience, whether the audience is your mom, your boss, God, Tim Gunn, or the Jones next door. Audiences keep us fighting entropy, keep us from sinking into midnight chocolate binges, trashy novels and overdoses of reality TV.

I'm teaching some 9-year olds these days, about which I have another post in progress. But I told their moms that my main goal is to make them producers and not just consumers -- as they read, I want them to keep asking questions, to think creatively about the world, to make cartoons and journal entries and web pages and funny pamplets. So I am trying to take my own advice here and be like a kid again, making stuff. Making stuff only my mom would hang on the refrigerator, but perhaps it'll save me from slothdom.

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Nicki said...

No, Jennifer, thank you. Oh, and I like trashy novels.