Tuesday, September 05, 2006

surprise, surprise

I'm starting regret this last post on the public bath. I just added a site meter to this blog and added it to the blogger listings, and thought I'd do a quick check to see how many people were reading. Imagine my surprise to find many views from all over the world. Temporarily delighted, I started looking at the entry pages... people came to this blog from searches on various (and disturbing) sex-related searches. So I'm taking it off the blogger listing. Most of these visits lasted only long enough to determine that this is no sex site, but seeing the results was like waking up to find a hairy spider in your ear. You'll still be able to access this blog through the address yunmay.blogspot.com, just not through internet search. So friends, read on... and don't expect any naked pictures of the boys.


Anonymous said...

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Andre said...

I don`t like a naked boy picture!!