Monday, October 30, 2006


Me: Max, do you want to be a dog or an elephant for Halloween?
Max: A bald eagle.
Me: How about a dog?
Max: Bald eagle.
Me: How about an elephant?
Max: Bald eagle. (Nods head fiercely.) I mean it!

...Later.. (after salvaging several cardboard boxes for wings, cutting feathers out of construction paper, gluing them on the wings...)

Aiden: Mommy, I’ll give you a choice: do you want me to be Obi-Wan or Darth Vader?
Me: How about Anakin? We have an Anakin costume.
Aiden: That wasn’t a choice: either Obi-Wan or Darth Vader.
Me: The Anakin costume is really cool, and it would fit you perfectly.
Aiden: MOMMY. I SAID Obi-Wan or Darth Vader. CHOOSE.
Me: OK... Darth Vader. You can wear all black and carry your light saber and I’ll just make you a mask.
Aiden: ASA! I’m going to be Darth Vader! Szzzssshhh + heavy breathing sounds
Max: Hyung-ah, YOU be a bald eagle, Max will be Darth Vader.

My thoughts:
1. I think I’m getting worked by the system here. Funny how they take your parenting techniques and turn them against you. Especially the second child.
2. Thank goodness I married an engineer. He did the architectures underlying both hats. I did the drawing.
3. I don’t have any time for my own costume. Shouldn’t have thrown away my tree costume from last year.
4. All this and we don’t even get to go trick-or-treating! I think I deserve some sugar for all this effort. Maybe will treat myself to some wine instead. Think I need a drink.

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