Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Random Mommy moments

People I know spend Friday mornings writing code, sitting in meetings, going to the grocery store, or recovering from a hangover. I spent a recent Friday morning cutting open the vacuum cleaner bag and sorting through the dust, hair, lint, sand, and crumbs to find missing Lego pieces. I found five of them. Kids: this is how much Mommy loves you.

Between three pregnancies, 5 years of breastfeeding and whatnot, I’ve been gaining and losing weight for the last 6 years. I don’t know if it was the post on appearance or what, but I finally decided to go out and buy a pair of jeans that fit. I had been hearing vague rumblings about jeans being the new couture but I was shocked to find that Levis here cost $170! What?! Maybe I should stick with accessories. Or glasses! Hey, I could buy a new pair of glasses instead!

Aiden got a new lightsaber for Chusok, a really cool one that turns red and blue. It is, of course, broken now. You can hear the glass bits rattling inside. But for a while the kids would lock themselves in the dark bedroom and say, “Mommy, we’re fighting in the Dark Side of the Force.”

Max has finally started to sleep well at night again, so of course something else has to keep me up. The weather has turned colder here so all the mosquitos have taken shelter in our apartment. Korean mosquitos are not like the mosquitos in Maryland, San Francisco, and Ann Arbor. Korean mosquitos are fast and smart and very hard to kill. I turn on the light and they hide in the crevices of the room. I turn off the light and they come buzzing out again, ready to torture me away from sleep and give my kids huge welts. KC, of course, can’t resist a gadget-solution to every problem, so he arrived home last night with a device that looks like a badminton racket, which is supposed to suck up and zap the offending mosquitos. It didn’t work all that well in the sucking department, but the zapping was effective. So our nightly mosquito hunt was a little more humorous and vicious than usual.


Melissa said...

I read this post a few days ago (or was it only yesterday?) and since then I've been wondering: "so, did she BUY the levis?" :)

If not, and if you're really interested in a particular style, you could try/size the jeans at a department store and then buy the same cut on the internet. Cheaper that way, I believe.

In addition to being a levis fan - i'm also becoming really 'ajumma-ish' these days. Saving money ... ~ :)

Jennifer Lee said...

Ha. I'm ashamed to say this... I didn't buy the jeans. But then I bought boots that were even more expensive. Then I couldn't stop thinking about the jeans, so I went back today and bought (not Levis, but equally pricy) jeans. The funny thing is that lately I can't find the clothes I want over the internet -- the latest styles aren't up, or something. But I do buy everything else that way -- diapers, cosmetics, toys, etc.

I need to do a post on ajumas one of these days... I'm becoming one too... I told my husband to kill me if I start wearing a visor.