Friday, November 03, 2006


I was caught up for about five minutes in this whole National Blog Posting Month thing. I need deadlines and someone to kick me in the pants every once in a while or else you might find me watching Alias re-runs and dreaming of Cheetos. Then I realized if I truly posted about everyday sorts of things -- the things I keep track of from day to day, like how many mosquitos were killed, how many poops were done in the potty and how many on the sofa, whether I wore something clean or fished something out of the dirty clothes pile, and how many times I had to say, "hold your penis when you pee!" I would scare all my readers away. Especially all the ones without children. So don't worry folks, no daily posting for me.

And besides, who picked NOVEMBER of all months? Why not, say, February? There's NOTHING in February. The weather is not good. There aren't any big holidays. The novelty of wearing your winter clothes has worn off and you are ready to put them away again. No elections in February. And it's only 28 days long! Come on, people, work with me here. Nobody has anything to do in February except read and write blog posts.

So maybe, if I'm really ambitious (and if Max keeps saying he wants to go to school every day) I will do my own Idiosyncratic Seoul Blog Posting Month in February. Who is with me?

Don't all jump at once.


Melissa said...

february sounds good. november is my busiest month, always, and i've just had to give up on the nanowrimo thing because i just don't have the time.


Jon Allen said...

wow. did you see the list of blogs that have signed up?
I thought reading the Koreans ones was hard work!

I'd be up for Seoul Blog posting month in Feb.

Are you allowed to store up postings in advance:)

I've still got plenty of things to comment on, but never seem to get round to writing them.