Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Bunco Party

Well, I've been trying to write something about the bunco party I attended -- whoa-- almost 2 months ago. As some of you who read multiple Korea blogs, I met fellow blogger Sandra there. Browsing through the blogs written by people attending bunco parties, it seems that these all start with a disclaimer along the lines of "I thought these parties were for losers but went and had fun!" I wanted to write about isolation and its countermeasures, about the ways in which people hold the world together through little acts. So I went through a bunch of drafts in essay form and it was... shitty. I happened to be reading Mrs. Dalloway at the same time, and somehow this turned into fiction. So here's my disclaimer: this is my first piece of fiction, and all the characters are at least partially made up, or they are amalgams of several people. I'd appreciate any feedback! The Bunco Party

And THANKS to Becky, Nicki, Sandra, and Emily for their comments and help with this!


Cat said...


Wanted to let you know I read the story and loved it. I identified with so much of the characters' ambivalence and defense mechanisms.

I'm still working out some longer comments, which I'll leave over at Print Culture, but for right now, I just wanted to congratulate you for an amazing story and for having the courage to put it out there.

Jon Allen said...

yes I like it.
I read it quite quickly so
I was a little confused by the change of point of view from Cathy to Jane. (maybe more than once, as I got a little lost)
There seemed to be very little in the way of white space or section marks which might have signposted it more obviously.

Oh, and I still don't actually know what bunco is... must be some North American thing :)

jeneflower said...

It sounds like you had fun!