Saturday, September 15, 2007

Car-Free Day

I was wrong. I'm exhausted. Whether it is from Chinese or something else I'm not sure. Haven't written much lately.
But we're back on a schedule over at printculture... my latest post on Seoul's Car Free Day.

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Nicki said...

J Lee, I love the photos you took of your walk. My town has something called “walk and roll to school” days. They do this several times a year, and my neighborhood actually has a group that meets every morning to walk their kids to school. I love seeing my neighbors walking hand and hand with their kids in the morning. We live in Decatur, an “urban residential” neighborhood. Its somewhere between the suburbs and the heart of Atlanta. I've been on public transportation many times in NYC, Boston, DC, Philadelphia, London, Paris, and Atlanta, but I lived and worked in San Francisco for 7 years and never went on Bart or CalTrains even once. Isn't that strange?