Friday, February 22, 2008

A little self-promotion

I am in the midst of writing my post for today and procrastinating by exchanging e-mail with Sandra, who asked me if I am the Jennifer Lee who translated her son's textbook, Korean made easy for beginners by Seung-Eun Oh. I've written before about the number of Jennifer Lees running around in the world but in this case that Jennifer Lee is in fact me. Seung-Eun Oh teaches at Sogang Univ in the Korean language program there and taught both Sandra and I. (Me- 5 years ago, Sandra - more recently) She's a great teacher. Anyway, that was my first translating job and I found it so difficult and time consuming that I've mostly erased it from my mind. But when Sandra mentioned it I went back and looked at the book and (even if the translation is not stellar -- you be the judge) it is a good textbook. So if you're looking for a good beginning Korean textbook, check it out.

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