Saturday, June 03, 2006

Delusions of Grandeur

This is it -- my first blog. I am a blog virgin, so to speak. I don't even keep a diary, so this feels very weird. But I suppose we've moved from one-on-one personal communication (personal letters) towards and less and less personal communication -- e-mail, then mass e-mails and mass holiday letters, all carefully xeroxed... scrapbooks meant to be displayed to the world, photos in one central website...

So what pushed me over the edge? KC has been bothering me to write a blog for a long time. And, I guess, I keep having surreal moments here in Korea and need to have some incentive to write them down. So here we go. There's no central vortex to this blog, just the sleep deprived ramblings of a mommy, ex-pat, ex-academic with delusions of grandeur.



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