Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lies I tell my kids

Lies I tell my kids is up over at printculture.We've gone back to the old format (more 'zine, less blog) so be sure to check out the other contributers' posts as well. Getting back to writing long posts (and more frequently) is hard but it is worth it to get to read what everyone else comes up with. I missed those guys.

I haven't been able to keep up the blog lately, just too much going on. The last 3 months or so I keep having recurring attacks of vertigo (probably just benign positional vertigo) which are pretty miserable. At worst, they last about 36 hours during which every time I move the room spins and I throw up. Sometimes, though, there are no symptoms at all. Last week I walked around looking like a drunk for about 5 days because I was constantly dizzy. I can't drive or exercise. All this makes me really tired.
The symptoms suck but there's probably nothing serious behind it, and for that I'm grateful.


Sandra said...

Wow, I'm really sorry you're still having that vertigo! That must be miserable.

Cat said...

Ah! That sounds terrible! I hope your doctor can figure out a cause. So sorry you are still feeling bad.