Saturday, July 05, 2008


I am supposed to be packing. Therefore it must be a good time to update my blog!

This morning we were skyping with my mom and talking about her 4th of July plans. I asked her if she was going to eat hot dogs. Max said, "What's a hot dog?"

Aiden has not been having an easy time in 2nd grade. His teacher is scary, very strict, and not very kind. He listed the reasons he doesn't like school to me:
1. He has to sit for 4 hours.
2. His current teacher only lets them go to the bathroom once an hour. Aiden tends to go frequently and its hard for him to hold it.
3. When there's a conflict between two kids, she scolds them both instead of trying to figure out who really had bad behavior.
4. I forgot what #4 was, but there was another reason.

Then the other night he told me that he sometimes doesn't understand what the teacher says, even though everybody else seems to. He said he must be a 멍청이 -- stupid, a dullard. He said "I'm an American who can't write in English well and a Chinese person who can't speak Chinese." I tried to reassure him that he is in fact very smart and that he will have gaps in his language because he's trying to learn more than one at a time, but that he's doing fine. But I felt horrible.

On that note, I'd better get packing again.

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Alexandra Kim said...

I'm Alex, I've just discovered your blog thanks to James Turnbull. I'm French, married to a Korean man and mother of a "French Korean" daughter. We're about to move back to Korea and what you are saying in your last post is scaring me. Is there any way to tell the school about your son's teacher's attitude? Surely telling children they are stupid is not part of the syllabus they're suppose to teach them.
Good luck for your moving.